Christmas, joy, food and paying it forward

Jul 25, 2017 | by The Salvation Army

When Maggie was 7 years old, her family fell on hard times. Christmas gifts were not possible for the kids that year. But one night, The Salvation Army knocked on the door. “They came in with a tree, food and a few gifts and said ‘Merry Christmas,’” she beams. Maggie is now 64, but she remembers that night well.

The generosity and thoughtfulness made a deep impression on her as a child. It inspired her to give back and repay that kindness. “I’ve been a bell ringer at Christmas for 20 years,” says Maggie. The stories she hears when people donate to the Red Kettles warm her heart. “Some were helped when they came back from the military,” she reveals. “They needed help with rent or utilities, and The Salvation Army came through. Others said that without The Salvation Army, they wouldn’t be here today.”

And without gifts from our donors, we couldn't reach families, veterans and children in need. Thanks to friends like you, Maggie also gets our help with food at times. “It’s a great help, especially at the end of the month,” she says. In gratitude, Maggie volunteers with Salvation Army day camp, senior events and more. She also helps with a Salvation Army program to send food home from school for kids in need to have over the weekend. Maggie say, “The Salvation Army helps … everybody is very, very nice.”

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